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Thousands of People with diabetes are taking insulin shots and don't need to 27.Mar.2016

Journey To A Miracle Documentary features game-changing diabetes breakthrough that could help thousands.  Until recently, doctors only knew to diagnose patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  Science has now proven that there are different, genetic forms that affect up to 500,000 Americans – and most have been misdiagnosed.  These newly understood types are called monogenic diabetes and remarkably the best treatment is a common pill, not insulin.

Journey To A Miracle executive producers Laurie and Michael Jaffe, Chicago, made the documentary after their daughter Lilly, who was diagnosed with diabetes at one month old, was able to switch her treatment from insulin shots to pills when she was six.    

The award-winning documentary Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin is bringing the story of this game-changing medical breakthrough to audiences nationwide. The heartwarming film weaves together life-changing stories of brilliant scientists with grateful families who hoped and prayed for a diabetes cure.

"This documentary is a giant step forward in raising awareness for monogenic diabetes.  It will help reach the public in a way that lectures and published studies in medical journals never could," says Dr. Louis Philipson, Lilly's doctor and director of the University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center.

Journey to a Miracle made its television debut last year on Chicago public television WTTW-11. It is now available to public television stations nationwide. TMK Productions produced the film.