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American Idol Reject Launches New Musical Comedy Album 05.Apr.2016

The Jennifer Lopez Booty song never made it to air, it lives on the new album, Songs about Celebrities, Volume 1.

Somehow, years after he pulled off one of the biggest television pranks on American Idol by jokingly singing a song to Paula Abdul about stalking her, Paul Marturano found his way back onto the American Idol stage to sing a song called Jenniferr Lopezz's Booty with lyrics such as: "...It's hanging out next to Harry Connick, I bet it hates all those hi colonics… and …It's a beauty, It's fresh and fruity, It won just as many sooper boles as Doug Flutie…"

This is the audition that American Idol did not air during their final season audition shows. According to Marturano, he sang the three judges the cleaned up for TV version of the song at the Philadelphia auditions instead of the raunchy version. "It was such a great prank and I will probably never get to see it. Nothing I do is ever meant to be malicious, it is always meant to be fun. Political correctness is destroying comedy", said Marturano.

His latest musical comedy release, Songs about Celebrities Volume 1, includes both the regular and TV version of the Jennifer Lopez Booty song as well as the songs, If Jimmy FallonnWere My Neighbor, Transjenner, Taking a Dump on Ty Penningtonn'sFront Porch and many others. It is available at

Marturano entertains full time as a piano playing singer/comedian. He performs and schedules piano players for his dueling piano show in Atlantic City at The Playground on Caesar's Pier and performs at a variety of venues on the East Coast. In 2015, he performed over 170 live shows, spent over 600 hours on stage and is on pace to do the same in 2016. His show is a mix of music requested by the audience as well as raunchy musical comedy. The show has become a staple at The Playground.