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Beyonce Knowles Meltdown In Dc Hotel 07.Feb.2013

Beyonce Knowles had a meltdown when she thought she'd lost her 80-carat designer emerald earrings.

"After she and hubby Jay-Z checked into their hotel, Beyonce unpacked her bags and couldn't find the earrings - which cost more than a luxury home," a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

"She rummaged through her luggage in a panic, getting her maid - and other housekeepers - to join the search."

Jay-Z, who'd stepped out of the suite, returned to chaos as Beyonce tore the place apart.

Begging his wife to relax, he asked: "Did you check your purse?"

Beyonce replied, "You think I'm an idiot? Of course I did!"

"Jay quietly urged her to check again, so she opened it up to show him, and... Voila!...there were the earrings! Beyonce gasped. She thought she'd checked her purse, but it turned out she'd been so stressed, she actually hadn't!" said the source.

"Beyonce then handed the maid a $500 reward for helping search - and Jay went NUTS.

"He told Beyonce, 'Man, I'm the one who found them! Why don't you pay ME?' "