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Ron Jeremy Underwent Surgery For Heart Aneurysm 31.Jan.2013

A spokesman says porn star Ron Jeremy is recovering from surgery at a Los Angeles hospital after an aneurysm near his heart sent him to intensive care.

In an email to The Associated Press, the spokesman said people were waiting for Jeremy to awake Wednesday night after a smooth procedure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

A report in TMZ said that doctors intend to keep the porn star at Cedars-Sinai Hostpital for two weeks in order to monitor his heart.

The porn pioneer survived two emergency aimed at treating an aneurysm near his heart and was "resting with complete privacy and no visitors" after procedures that "went smoothly," manager Mike Esterman told the Daily News.

According to the Huffington Post, : "Esterman says the 59-year-old Jeremy had a heavy feeling in his chest and drove himself to the hospital, where diagnosed the aneurysm and put him in the intensive care unit."

"One of the best-known names in the porn industry, Jeremy has said he's appeared in more than 2,000 adult films."

"While officially retired he still shows up in films and public events, and appeared in the reality TV series "The Surreal Life."