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Matthew Wilder Happy Lindsay Lohan Is Out Of Inferno 30.Nov.2010

Inferno director Matthew Wilder is happy Lindsay Lohan is being replaced by Malin Akerman

Matthew spoke with Radar Online

"I feel like 16 tons of weight are off my mind not having to deal with the Lindsay Lohan situation," Matthew said. "We have not heard anything from Lindsay and her camp recently but we wish her and them well."

"I think she has great talent and if she respects those gifts then she will go on to show people what she is capable of doing."

The Linda Lovelace biopic, Inferno, is now "scheduled to start filming in February now and are really looking forward to moving forward without any distractions."

"I love working with her, she is sensitive and hard-working and I think it's a great decision for our project."