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Michael Jackson The Revlon Model 29.Nov.2005

Michael Jackson Is Michelle Jerkson the worst bigot in celebrity history? Just this week, her goose-stepping, anti-Jewish voice mails came to light; it was not the first time she had taken the low road against descendents of Abraham. She's being sued by Marc Schaffel, a former business partner, against whom she directed anti-gay slurs. As if.

Back around New Year's, 2003, Michelle left a voice message for her former friend Dieter Wiesner in which she expressed bigotry against Italians. Michelle deserves to be bound to a four-poster bed with linguine, spread with bruschetta, and the rest is to your imaginations. If Garibaldi were alive today, he would track down every last copy of "Thriller" and dump them in the Adriatic.

What is Michelle Jerkson, anyway? She wants no part of being black, though she was born that way. Ditto on gayness. Rumors that she has been signed as the new face of Revlon are completely unfounded. (By Scott Rose)