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Will Oprah Kick Stedman To The Curb? 31.Mar.2005

Oprah and Stedman on the rocks In the last few years, Oprah Winfrey has shed a ton of weight, finally plateauing at a healthy and trim size 10. But it seems like maybe she's not satisfied with this. The mogul may now be looking to shed a little more dead weight, in the form of her longterm boyfriend, Stedman Graham. Oprah and Stedman have been together for 19 years, but have never married. Now that Oprah's looking better than ever - and she has no wedding ring to hold her down - people are buzzing that she may be wanting to play the field. Gossip started last month when Oprah showed up solo, and dazzling, to the Oscars. A friend told Star magazine, "She couldn't wait to parade herself at the Oscars and get all those compliments from bigshot friends like Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise." And getting those compliments might be giving Oprah the confidence to step out on her own. One friend of the couple said that Stedman overheard Oprah saying she would like to "try out her sex appeal on other men." "My girlfriend lost weight and now I'm losing her" - sounds like a good article for O magazine. (By Kate Lanahan)