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Everyone Needs To Watch Miss Guided!! It Is The Samantha Who? Of April 2008. 07.Apr.2008

Miss GuidedI was skeptical of the show's premise at first (dork in high school comes back to be the school's guidance councilor) but after one episode I was hooked. The dialogue is absolutely hilarious and the performances are great, especially Judy Greer. Chris Parnell also makes me laugh hysterically but he been able to do that since his one-liners on Saturday Night Live. He just knows how to deliver a line. But even the cute guy/love interest on the show (Kristoffer Polaha) comes off as sweet and stupid which is a challenge. And Brooke Burns, fresh off the masterpiece that was Piper Dennis, may appear to just be the shallow, bitchy prom-queen type but she is actually vapid, shallow and bitchy on this show. I even found Ashton Kutcher funny in his performance as an affected Spanish substitute teacher. Plus we really haven't a good show about schools since like the Creek days. Anyway, you really need to watch it! It is on Thursday on NBC or watch all the episodes online and have a mini-marathon!