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Sienna Miller, Go Home! Your Uk Neighbors Really Miss You 24.Aug.2008

Aww, the English are such cheerful, friendly folk. Isn't that just heartwarming?

Postcard from home

Sienna is a woman without a country. Unless there's a place that welcomes brazen homewrecking sluts that I don't know about. Sienna used to be in with the in crowd in London, but that was before she dumped Rhys (who, by the way, has been club crawling with Kimberly Stewart as therapy). She's currently living in LA, but will never be socially accepted because her boyfriend's wife is rich and powerful.

She may also soon be a woman without an income. Now that her upcoming movie, Hippie Hippie Shake, has been pushed back because of the negative publicity generated by her suckling her boyfriend on a public beach, other producers are hesitant to sign her. Her reputation has been seriously damaged, and may be beyond recovery, especially if she continues to carry on so shamelessly. You know she loves the attention, good or bad.