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Pink Taco Indeed: Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Envy Lindsay Lohan, But Will Gladly Shag Her Ex, Harry Morton 02.Sep.2010

I guess pink's better than orange any day, right? OK, seriously, Pink Taco is the name of the restaurant chain that Harry Morton's family runs. Get your minds out of the gutter, people. Then again, the Spinster's all oompa-loompa, too, so maybe he likes 'em orange. There's just no accounting for taste.

Ahh, but we all know taste has nothing to do with the men Maniston dates. Their fees are probably pro-rated by the amount of publicity they can generate. Over the last month her spin doctors have been planting rumors about her dating all kinds of guys, married, single and imaginary, to try to get suckers into the theaters to watch her latest loserHarry the hottie: Is he broke? flick. Even the mention of John Mayer possibly coming in for a nostalgia f**k failed to rouse the public's interest.

Enter the sweet young thang that is Harry Morton - I thought he was hot when Lindsay had him. Then Kimberly Stewart tried to abduct him and eat his brains for a while, but he somehow managed to escape and he's been living a quieter life since then. At least until now. If he becomes Jen's latest rent-a-date he can kiss that quieter life behind ... at least until his contract runs out. Then, like the others before him, he'll scamper off into the sunset with a case of Smart Water and the memories of their magical time together. I wonder if she'll make him put out. I know I would.