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Lindsay Lohan, Jewel Thief: Making It Her Job To Swipe Everything That Isn't Nailed Down 15.Jun.2009

I guess Adderall doesn't bloat like coke does ...This isn't the first time the Blohan has been accused of thievery. Back in the day when she was a relatively big deal people would just shake it off, figuring it was good for her to be seen in their stuff. Now that she's nothing but a stone cold junkie people don't want her anywhere near their brand. Letting a coke hag wear your clothes is like the kiss of death.

Well, now she's really stepped in it, and we're not talking a few dresses or even a blond mink. Lindsay was in London recently for a magazine shoot (how does she keep getting these jobs when she looks like such shit? !? ) when she fell in love with the jewelry used for the shoot. It was only after she left that they realized they were $30,000 short of rock. Diamond rock, that is. I'm sure Lindsay supplied her own stash of the other rocks she likes so much.

Unlike all those other times, however, this jeweler is not giving up his goods. Britain's Holy Moly! is reporting that Lindsay is going to be questioned by the police on this matter. She's really left them no alternative - she's not returning their calls, and neither are her reps. (Wait; she has a rep again? They must be talking about White Oprah.) Nobody is going to let $30,000 in diamonds just walk away. Stay tuned, sports fans. It should be fun watching her try to squirm out of this one.