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There's A Dead Wombat Or Something On Amy Winehouse's Head 23.May.2007

Wow, I could stash a whole kilo up thereIt's like she's got a small marsupial jammed up there - or a mini meth lab. Either way, the giant hair pouf now dominates Amy's every move, dwarfing its host and proving treacherous in high winds.

It wasn't always this way. Back in the days before Amy dropped about 80 pounds, she actually had some great curves. Then she started jamming that meth speedball and pow! Look what happened. Do you notice anything different?

Already a success in her native UK, Amy is now enjoying popular and critical success in America, with back-to-back hits Rehab and Back to Black. With this success, however, comes more media exposure, and Miss Amy's hard partying has given the American paps just as much fodder as the British.

Things seem to be looking up for Amy in her personal life though. Last week she married her beau, Blake Fielder-Civil, in a lavish Miami ceremony. The honeymooners have been spotted poolside at their luxury resort, Amy's self-mutilation scars glowing in the hot Florida sun. Dude looks like a slag.