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Tomorrow Could Be Your Lucky Day. Get A Little Slice Of Lohan Heaven + 10% Interest 13.Feb.2009

I could have been a big starHow shameful, that after living like a rock star for a few years, that it should come to this. Dina Lohan owes Nassau County $11,485.74 in taxes, presumably on the family home in Merrick. If she doesn't pay off her tax lien before tomorrow, the lien will be auctioned off, with the new lien holder earning 10% interest on the investment.

It wasn't that long ago that the momager sang a much different tune. When Lindsay was at the top of her game, Mama was right there at her side, earning her 10% and whatever additional perks (bumps) baby girl threw her way. There were the limos, the clothes, the parties, the clothes ... living vicariously never looked so good. But it doesn't last forever. Orange mama should have tucked a little cash away, but she was counting on Ali to keep the cash flowing.

But now all that has changed. Lindsay has nothing to do with her anymore, and it's just as well. She's not getting the big bucks anymore. Ali's just not catching on, no matter how grown up (read: implants) she looks. Dina will have to act fast to save her house. Expect a tell-all book in the next six months or so.