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Janet Jackson Tell-all: How Much Will The Most Quiet One Reveal About The Gloved One? 21.Aug.2009

Janet & MichaelAnd will Mama Katherine sue her for a piece of the profits? She and the rest of the family are fighting for every penny already, possibly to the detriment of the estate. AEG sounds like they're ready to walk away from the whole thing - and it's no wonder.

But Janet? I dunno. She's the only one (besides Michael, of course) in that whole family who has had any success independently, and she's always kept the rest of her siblings at arm's length. The Bank of Janet is closed to Tito, Jermaine and Papa Joe, and has been for a while.

With the failure of her last album and tour, however, Janet might be getting low on funds herself. She's got a new album coming out early next year and wants to release her book at the same time. Originally planned as a chronicle of yo-yo dieting and self-esteem issues, Janet's book is now said to delve into her feelings about Michael's death and their tumultuous upbringing. If all this is true, that would make it the must-read of the year, but I wonder. Janet is so private - this is the girl who didn't tell us she was married until after her divorce. How much will she really reveal?