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Complimentary Mile-high Club For Oprah's Employees Has Now Ended, Lawsuits Begin 12.Oct.2009

Coffee, Tea or WHAT? !? Just what exactly goes on at Harpo Productions behind closed doors? Does having the Mighty O sign your check make people horny? And isn't it frowned upon for the pilot to knock off a piece during the flight?

It's all so murky. What we know is this: this woman, who worked as a flight attendant on O's plane, is suing I guess for wrongful termination. She was fired in July for having inappropriate relations with the (married) pilot but claims she really didn't, that it was all a conspiracy by these two other employees who hated her and made it all up. One of the employees named happens to be Oprah's BFF Gayle's daughter.

Wow. How very tawdry. I think there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye, which is par for the course in all things Oprah. She might be sucking up to the First Lady now, but she's still got her share of idiots who will embarrass her now and then. Not to worry, though. The lawyers are probably negotiating a settlement right now, and it'll be just another little spot to be swept under that big-ass rug she's got in her office. Must be getting pretty crowded under there.