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The Gold Rush Begins: Latoya Cleans House While Mama Snatches The Kids 29.Jun.2009

Hostages to fortuneAnd Janet was allegedly named executor of Michael's estate. They're very thorough, those Jacksons.

It will be interesting to see just how much loot the family recovers before the courts step in. As soon as his body was gone his brothers were asking the hired help where he stashed his cash, and LaToya and Rebbie spent five hours pyrooting through his rented house, leaving with a flat screen TV and a bunch of boxes. She made sure to say "thank you" as she loaded up the car.

Not to be undone is Mama Katherine Jackson, mother of the Jackson clan, who was granted temporary guardianship of the Jackson 3. Interestingly enough, the judge did not award her control of the purse strings, though. She has filed a motion to take control of his estate to, you know, "protect his legacy". Just like they did for him while he was alive. 'Nough said already.