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This Time She Means It: Robin Wright Penn Files For Divorce From Invisible (rehabbing?) Sean 18.Aug.2009

DunzoOh, nuckin' futs. What the hell did he do now? One minute they're vacationing together with the kids, the next she's saying she'd rather give birth to large porcupines. Or something to that effect.

Maybe she's finally had enough. After roughly 20 years together, she's taken more than her fair share of lumps, some more public than others. He's a brilliant actor but must be such a douche to live with. Something keeps Robin coming back, though. He's probably either spectacularly hung or a particularly cunning linguist - he definitely looks the type. Both types, actually.

I hope this time Robin decides to make the split permanent. She's a beautiful woman and a talented actress in her own right. Maybe it's time she stepped out of her husband's shadow.