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Foreclosed At Last, Scott Storch Joins His Buddy Greasy Bear In The Great Outdoors 26.Aug.2009

Sharing a tent somewhere in the Hollywood HillsThis guy once had money falling out his ass. He blew it all away on cars, mansions, yachts and, well, blow. Lots and lots of blow. But now it's all gone.

Bossip is reporting that Scott's house was just sold back to the bank. That means the little cokie is out on the curb. Can you imagine? From $30 million to nothing in just a few years. What a stupid bitch.

Storch was once one of the hottest R & B producers out there, creating hits for stars like Mariah, Christina and Jessica Simpson, but his lifestyle got the better of him. He filed for bankruptcy about a year ago and is reportedly in recovery from his addictions, so maybe he'll get it together. He's still a relatively young 36 years old - kinda elderly for hip hop, but maybe he needs to write for a more mature audience now.