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When Stomach Pumps Just Won't Do: The Hoff Kicks Off Holiday Season With Booze Binge And Seizure 28.Nov.2009

Look what it's done to his ass!Yikes. He's really done it this time.

David Hasselhoff has gotten more for publicity this year than ever before. Unfortunately for him (and his children), it's not for his acting, his singing or even his cult status in Germany. It's all about the Hoff's unending determination to climb into a bottle and die. He's had his stomach pumped at least four times this year, but I guess that got old. Now he's having seizures.

The Hoff's peeps claim that he has a medical condition that causes seizures and that his alcoholism counteracts with his anti-seizure meds. I think said peeps are trying to hand us another line of bull. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but David's seizures could be a direct result of his serious addiction. If left to his own devices, the Hoff could be dead in a year or less.

Of course David's peeps and family deny that he's in the hospital at all, but the Fire Department confirmed that an ambulance was sent to his Encino house and transported someone to the hospital. TMZ also snapped pics of his ex-wife arriving at the hospital. These people all need to stop trying to protect his image and do something to save his life. This has gone way beyond funny.