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The Greatest News Ever 11.Apr.2007

Finally, a Real World season I can get on board with! The past few seasons have given us one group after the next of whining brats pissing themselves and getting arrested. Boooring! Lucky for us, MTV is rounding up the original cast of the Real World Las Vegas and putting them back at the Palms for a reunion season. Thank you! RW Vegas Cast

The shooting of the ? Real World Las Vegas: Five Years Later? is underway and I am on pins and needles to find out who gets laid and who get? s attacked with a fork. Luckily for me, I no longer live at home. I hate having to change the channel when my Dad walks in the room to avoid the awkwardness of watching people my age be drunk sluts on TV.

The Vegas cast is by far one of my favorites. Trishelle is like the Jack Bauer of Reality TV Skanks. She can give you a BJ, take a pregnancy test and serve you a cocktail all with the simple push of a button on her magic reality-tv-ho cell phone. It doesn? t hurt that the rest of the cast will get naked in the hot tub and get their bisexual on faster than you can say, duh.

Excuse me while I got set up my TiVo.