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Lance Armstrong Is A Total Man Whore! And Ashley Olsen What Are You Doing? And So Lanshley Was Born. 31.Oct.2007

LanceAshleyPage Six has reported that Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong were seen canoodling and making out at a night club the other night which means they are totally in a serious relationship. Ashley has had a busy week what with the Lancer and meeting up for dinner with her former TV dad, Mr.Bob Saget. As far as I can tell Ashley and Lance have nothing in commen. I have a feeling Ashley doesn't exercise because when you don't eat there is really no need to and I think she would look just plain odd on a bike unless it was like a Starbucks bike and also she isn't much older then his children which is always a good sign. Ever since the glory went to his head and Lance divorced his wife and started dating every famous woman in site ( Sheryl Crowe and Tory Burch- creator of those wonderful shoes among the pack) he has become less appealing. Plus when he hangs out with Matthew McConaughey there is just too much testosterone.