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Aniston Sells Her Soul Again, Pretends To Be All "couple-y" With Butler At Globes 19.Jan.2010

Paging Mr. HuvaneWow. Does her publicist let her have any real boyfriends, or is she only allowed to date co-stars and publicity whores? You all know that I'm so not a big Maniston fan, but she could do better than a guy who compares his love life to dog walking.

Yet at the Globes, Jen and Ger were said to be "attached at the hip", and were even allegedly spotted making out in the kitchen. Page Six's source says that producers of the show were "actually laughing about it over their walkie-talkies." Of course they were. Industry folks know full of shit when they see it.

I mean, really. Look at this picture. Talk about awkward. Compare this to pictures of her with her ex-husband, or even John Mayer. She's not even trying here. This leads me to believe their upcoming film, The Bounty Hunter, will be yet another Maniston flop. I'm sure Gerard can give like 300 reasons not to work with her again.