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The Same Damn Sandwich All Week Long: Now We Know Why Kate Gosselin's Kids Were Expelled 17.Nov.2010

EAT THE DAMN SANDWICHThose poor Gosselin kids and their miserable, Mom-centric existence. She really is beastly to them, from the accounts of those who aren't afraid of her wrath. It's bad enough having to live under a nationally-televised telescope, but then to be deprived of a decent meal by the very hag you're financing ... yeah, I could see how that could make a little person fighting mad.

The latest alleged mistreatment by Kate Gosselin of her six kids comes from Us Weekly, and it involves ... brace yourselves ... lunchbox leftovers. That's right. If one of Kate's kids comes home with a half-eaten sandwich left in their lunchbox, she leaves it in there and makes them eat it the next day. And the next. And the next. She'll leave the same old moldering, festering thing in there all week long - as long as it takes until it's gone. (psst! Note to Gosselin kids: Throw it in the garbage! Don't bring it back home!) Why? It's not because times are tough and she's struggling to make ends meet. Please. Bitch just doesn't want to make another sandwich. It might cut into her quality time with the hunky bodyguard.

And while her children are screaming, crying and fighting over week-old sandwiches where is Mama? She may be getting her nails done, hitting the gym, or touching up her busted weave, but one thing's for sure: She ain't makin' sandwiches. The sooner they learn to make their own, the better off they'll be. Trust.