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Celebrity Dui, Seniors Edition: Gary Collins Hasn't Let Vehicular Homicide Keep Him From Driving Drunk 20.Feb.2009

Shameless drunkGary Collins was a successful TV star for years. He's done everything - game shows, beauty pageants, guest shots on hit shows ... his credits span more than 40 years. Good for him. Apparently all that success hasn't kept him from being an asshole in real life.

Collins was popped for a DUI earlier this month. It's not his first offense: In 2007 he was arrested for a DUI after getting into an accident that killed the other driver. He got away with a slap on the fanny because the cops blamed the other driver for running a red light. All the same, if Collins had been sober maybe he could've avoided the accident altogether. Who knows? Maybe the DA was a big Circus of the Stars fan. Whatever the case, he was sentenced to a grueling 4 days in jail and some other piddlin' shit that isn't even worth mentioning.

Not surprisingly, Collins hasn't learned a thing from his past mistakes. This time, he was clocked (breathalyzed) at .29 - almost four times the legal limit! He probably couldn't even walk. And if that's not bad enough, consider this: Collins wasn't driving a car; he was driving a gigantic RV. Imagine that monstrosity careening toward you as you sit at the light. I hope this time they really throw the book at him.