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Like A Plague Of Locusts: Paris And Her Hills Himbo Want To Breed 26.Mar.2009

Why can't we just buy this one? Is it for sale? You mean something could actually live and grow in that thing? !? I know there's got to be oodles of room in that well-traveled womb but you'd think it would be one of those dead zones.

Apparently not agreeing with the popular consensus is Wonky's new love, Doug Reinhardt, who says he'd "love to have some mini-Parises one day." Well, Doug, you already do. It won't be long now before your first major outbreak of them.

I almost hate to admit it, but these are actually pretty well matched. Both are blond, tanned and utterly brainless. Doug is probably a boy Mom and Pop would appreciate - unless his pedigree is too common. She is an heiress, after all. Then again, she's also aging rather quickly, and they'd do well to get her hitched before she exceeds her shelf life. I hope he doesn't have a problem signing a pre-nup.