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No, Gerard Butler Did Not Hit This. And He Will Sue You If You Say He Did 03.Nov.2009

That'll make a girl feel good about herself. A random hookup not only denies the deed, but threatens to kick your ass if you so much as suggest it might have happened. I guess the days when Blohan could have her pick of the dick are long, long gone. Even with that nipple hanging out she's untouchable, damaged goods.

Lindsay looks like shit. Old, dessicated shit. Even her own father thinks she "looks 100 years old". I think that's generous. She's halfway to Donatella; if she keeps it up in a couple of years she'll be Jocelyn Wildenstein's twin.

In the meantime I guess she's keeping busy, what with all those alcohol ed classes and AA meetings. I doubt she's even been to one, because she really doesn't think she's got a problem - she probably has legitimate prescriptions for at least some of the drugs she's abusing. Then again, so did Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson.