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Boycott Good Morning America! If They Book Chris Brown I'll Never Watch It Again 26.Nov.2009

GlambertLet me get this straight. They canceled the Glambert's appearance because they were afraid he'd grab another dick but they let this violent convicted felon go on? That's f**ked up, people.

Today's Page Six leads off with the story of Good Morning America's decision to book the punk bitch who beat his girlfriend for an interview and possible live performance. This has enraged both the gays and feminists who see a double standard at work here. Glambert didn't break any laws - he just got a little frisky. Inside sources at ABC claim their decisions had nothing to do with Lambert's in-your-face homosexuality, but that he had proven himself "unpredictable" for live TV.

At first I ignored the whole brouhaha over Lambert's AMA performance. After all, what difference is there between that and Madonna kissing Britney at the VMAs, or any other gay kiss that's been on TV lately? But to hear they'd book Beat-Her-Down Brown over someone who hasn't done anything wrong? I'll never watch that show again.