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Will Jon And Kate Reconciliate? He Can't Live On Unemployment 29.Sep.2009

You're all mine now!Jon Gosselin is such a little douchetard. He's running around with anything in a skirt. He's hanging in the Hamptons. He's buying expensive sports cars and renting a love nest in the city. Oh, wait; one more thing. He's also unemployed.

That's right. Jon Boy was finally given his walking papers by TLC, who released a statement that as of November 8, Jon and Kate Plus 8 becomes Kate Plus 8. TLC is hoping that by ditching the douche they can save their once highly-rated show. Hey, Kate knows how to play the game. She understands things like job security, no minor thing to a mother of six. She might be shagging her bodyguard, but she's smart enough to do it on the QT.

Not so smart is her soon-to-be ex, who suddenly realized he has no income coming in and a growing pile of bills. Thinking he's a clever fox, Gosselin released a statement today that he wants to get back together with Kate. Paging insincerity! Only trouble is, he hadn't mentioned it to Kate. At all. Which could only mean that it's a load of crap. I hope she's smart enough to see through his game ... but then again, she did marry him, so who knows? Besides, people will do anything for ratings.