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Yeah. Like We Didn't All See That Coming. 10.Jan.2008

Gossip GirlsOn the, what I believe to be is the season finale of Gossip Girl (as one of you very politely pointed out to me) but I am actually not sure, B loses her queen bee status because everyone finally realized she is a two-timing bitch. Also I get that the whole baby doll look is cool right now but I think the costume designers for Gossip Girl have gone a bit too far. See, Blair either looks like a classy prostitute (I love when it she lies around her house in sexy negligees) or a 5-year-old that is too big for her clothes. On the last episode she literally wore a shirt that she tried to pass off as a dress and short little white socks with frills and of course, Mary Jane shoes. Anyway so instead of pulling a total Serena, oh sorry, I mean a total S (after two minutes of thinking it was cool I am now over calling people by the first initial of the name) Blair has decided to not run away from problems. She is going to stay in New York but it will be a whole different playground because obviously Jenny Humphrey is going to be the new queen B. Her evolution of bitchiness is almost complete (even her face suddenly got bitchier.)