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Justin Timberlake Is Cheating On Jessica Biel With Kate Hudson. She Likes To Do Girl Things 19.Jan.2008

Biel looks beatLike pee sitting down. Kate also doesn't use little man for her bench presses. He feels all manly for a change around her.

Maybe that's why Jessica decided to get that dishwater-y blond dye job, so she could pretend to be Kate when the lights are out. But what's up with those LIPS? Trout pout doesn't even begin to describe. She's so fug now it's hard to believe she was once Maxim's Sexiest Woman. While Jessica was out fuggifying herself, JT was getting cozy with Kate at LA club Villa. Jessica is not even in the country, so I guess he thought he'd be safe. Someone from Star saw Justin kissing Kate, though, and she's sure to have seen the story. First he cheated on Cameron with Scarlett, now he's two-timing Jessica with Kate. If I was Jessica, I'd take the hint, and take a powder. Not only is he annoyingly effeminate, he's untrustworthy. Between the two, that pretty much makes him useless.