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Making A Brady Bunch: Tom's Super Potent Swimmers Knock Gisele Out Of Bikini 21.Jun.2009

Yup, there's something in thereAt least for this season. She shouldn't worry; she'll probably be like Heidi Klum, back on the runway in a couple of weeks. Those tall, lanky girls always do.

All kidding aside, damn, that Tom Brady really knows how to get into the end zone - according to People she's due early next year. They only got married a couple of months ago, and are said to be ready for family life. Tom's ex, Bridget, must be happy now that Gisele will have a baby of her own and can stop glomming all over hers.

Tom and Gisele should make quite the baby. They're both tall, good-looking and athletic. I can't wait to see the baby pictures (if they sell them, and if there's a market for it).