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In 5 Years No One Will Remember Chris Brown Or His Kiss Kiss 25.Aug.2009

Chris who? Not even Rihanna, who may or may not still be gullible enough to believe him. But she's young, beautiful and rich; she won't be alone for long.

Not so fortunate is her convicted attacker, who was sentenced by a Los Angeles judge who was not fooled or amused by Brown's insincere apologies and unrepentant behavior. Chris Brown received five years of felony probation, a year of domestic violence classes and a handful of fines. He's also ordered to stay away from Rihanna for that five years as well, putting an end to his hopes of hitching his wagon to her star. All those clandestine meetings and secret phone calls must come to an end. Best of all, the judge let him know she reads the tabloids and will throw him in jail if she hears otherwise.

So ends the saga of the punk who punched the pop princess. He will now rightfully sink into a life of obscurity and meaninglessness while she hopefully will be able to put this all behind her and go on to find a nice guy who treats her the way she deserves to be treated.