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Disney Curse From Bad To Worse: Demi Lovato's Show Goes On Without Her While The World Waits For The Tape(s) 15.Nov.2010

Have you seen my parents? What tape, you say? Or should I say tapes? Last week we heard there may be a tape floating around that could destroy what's left of Demi Lovato's career: Video of the 17-year-old partying like a Lohan, snorting up fat lines all over the place, "acting slutty" and cursing everyone out. Sounds like sour grapes from a jilted suitor, or at least the only guy in the room who didn't get any, if she was as bad as they say. And that's not even the worst.

Demi is also rumored to be the subject of a blind item on a hot young underage starlet who got it on hot and heavy in a three-way that was caught on tape. Of course that one, if it exists, probably won't see the light of day, but all it has to do is make the rounds of a few well-placed executives and she's toast. If she's not already.

Despite all her team's protests to the contrary, all the rumors, innuendos and photos point to a very troubled young girl who was in way over her head for a long time. To say she's getting help for emotional issues is technically the truth, but it's disingenuous at best. But in typical Disney fashion, they're not addressing the problem directly. Instead, they're working around it, keeping the cameras rolling on Sonny With A Chance by focusing on the show within the show. Pay no attention to the beautiful young girl trying to kill herself and just watch the pretty dancers. Hey, it's worked this long for them, and it'll bide their time until either Demi gets well or the next Disney star is ready for her close-up.