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A New Role Or A New Roll: Is Lindsay Trying To Steal The Alba's Cash? 04.Dec.2009

I thought it was Sam ...If this story is true, Jessica Alba will rip her apart with her bare hands. Nobody wants to hear about their husband getting "raw" and "not shy" with a notoriously trampy crack whore. Us Weekly broke the story of Lindsay allegedly making out with Cash Warren, Jessica Alba's husband, at some club in LA. Witnesses say they were really going at it, but Lindsay of course denies it, saying she wouldn't dare kiss a married man, and I believe her, to a point. If she was really f**ked up she might not even remember what she did.

If you believe the stories, the little Blohan's getting a lot of action lately. The NY Daily News claimed that she made up with Sam after a little pep talk from none other than John Mayer. I didn't even know they were friends; maybe he just wanted to watch the make-up sex. You know, shower them with praise or something.

In addition to a night with Sam, Lindsay has been linked to Gerard Butler, Leo DiCaprio and even Kevin Connolly. It's really no wonder that Lindsay's having trouble finding a job - she simply doesn't have the time.