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Denied Her Kittens, Mariah Waves Her Wand In London. What A Trouper! 20.Nov.2009

Bite size for your snacking enjoymentThey said it was a health issue, but they were just worried she would eat them. Girl was hungry.

Mariah has been quite the diva lately. I'd say that Nick should rein her in, but we all know that's not how it works in the Carey-Cannon household. Mama holds the leash, and she's not afraid of hanging him up if he gets out of line.

So Mimi will continue her diva turn in London without restraint. First she left a talk show host hanging for hours. Then she was asked to host a Christmas light ceremony for a shopping mall. Sure, she says. All she needs is 20 fluffy white kittens, 100 doves and a bunch of midgets waving large white feathers to cool her large, sweaty moonface. OK, the midgets are a lie, but the rest is the truth. Mall management turned her down, citing the health risks of a bunch of peeing, shitting animals in a public place, but Mariah soldiered on anyway. This is the stuff showbiz legends are made of. I'd like to see Beyonce top that.