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Hmmm. Maybe We Had This The Wrong Way Around. 22.Apr.2008

Seperated on purpose? The press that follows the trials and tribulations of the Gossip Girl cast has often painted Leighton Meester as the bitch on the set. The Shannon Doherty for the millenium generation minus the shoulder pads and baby-doll dresses (oh wait Leighton does wear baby-droll dresses that I am pretty sure actual babies could fit into.) However, upon reading the New York Magazine article that described the show as the best show ever ( I guess they haven't seen Arrested Development but that is a different genre) I think there may be too bitches on set. The other one would be golden girl Blake Lively. She apparently doesn't understand the press's interest in her and gets quite miffed whenever they ask her anything. She even dared to say to the writers of NYM, "Isn't this a classy magazine? " when they became a bit prodding. Hey sweetheart. Let's not forget that just 2 years ago you were the one sticking out in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants who then followed with the masterpiece that is Accepted co-starring Mr.Drew Barrymore. Leighton appeared to be quite friendly in the interview though recently she apparently had one of her co-stars written off the show. Blake and Leighton also apparently can't stand eachother (just like Jennie Garth and Shannon). Can't you just save the bitchiness for the cameras girls? LeightonBlake