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Charlie Sheen Is Not On A "new Rampage". He's Still Working On The Last One, And His Bosses Are Secretly Thrilled 31.Oct.2010

Should keep the shades onOh, they won't admit it or anything, but they figure all this drama is good for the ratings. And hey, if he does finally blow a gasket and dies this week, as Radar's mole says, it's all gravy: Like Elvis and Michael Jackson, his net worth will only increase after his death.

Not to say that I agree with their prediction, but I'm hardly surprised to hear that Charlie's still tearing up the hookers and blow. The Aspen DA obviously doesn't have the balls to violate his probation, despite all the hospital and police reports and multiple eyewitness accounts of his illicit drug use. So Charlie will skate. Again. Everyone around him is enabling his out-of-control behavior. They have to, or they could be out of a job. He's got the best PR, the best lawyers, and really, the best bosses. I wonder if they'd be quite so willing to turn a blind eye to Charlie's shenanigans if it was their daughter barricaded in the bathroom in fear for her life. (Of course that stupid bitch was whacked out on coke, too, so it probably didn't take much to send her over the edge, but still.)

And what will it take to send Charlie over the edge, or at least to a place where he realizes he needs help? He's not going to run out of funds any time soon, even with two ex-wives and a bunch of kids to support. Brooke has reportedly washed her hands of the whole sordid mess, and is now clean, sober and filming a new reality show with her buddy, Paris Hilton. Denise was with him in New York, but has also kept mum on all things Charlie. She's very well paid to do so. With no one willing to intervene (besides Dr. Drew, and we all know he's useless), the party will continue unabated. Until something bad happens. I don't think it'll happen in a week, but nobody can go on like that forever. He's not a kid, and he's not invincible, despite what his sense of entitlement tells him. Charlie's in a bad spot and he needs long-term help, but that will f**k up his show, and the bosses don't want that. Cue the hookers! Cue the pipe! The show must go on.