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World Class Boning Does Little To Improve Jennifer Aniston's Disposition 19.Jun.2008

A little to the left, babyAnd don't let that smile fool you. He's probably diddling her under the table. Happens all the time.

OK. We all knew that Miss Man Hands has been a miserable bitch since Brad left her for greener pastures. The whole Vince Vaughn thing just wasn't happening; they just weren't compatible. She had to pay Paul Sculfor to pretend to be her boyfriend during the SmartWater gig. And Jason Lewis? You know nobody's tying that pony down - male or female. I dunno, but that sounds an awful lot like prostitution. If the roles were reversed and it was Paul paying Jennifer to date him that's what they'd be saying.

And now she's got Long John Mayer to burn up the sheets with. You'd think she'd be all giggles and melonballs, but no. According to Life & Style, Aniston refused to have her picture taken with Jennifer Connelly, one of her co-stars in He's Just Not That Into You, the movie they're currently promoting. Connelly, BTW, dated Brad Pitt years ago, but we all know Maniston doesn't hold grudges. Everyone also knows her rep, Stephen Huvane, can't tell the truth to save his life, so his denials are meaningless. Admit it. Bitch hates anyone who came within 300 feet of Brad Pitt and can hold a grudge forever.