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Tom Cruise Is Still Mighty Nuts. Streep And Redford Abandon Lions For Lambs To His Lunacy 13.Nov.2007

Little Tommy TwinkleEver since Tom jumped on Oprah's couch he's been nuttier than a fruitcake. It's like once he opened the bottle he couldn't get the cap back on. Since he's been showing his Xenu colors, his friends (the normal ones) have stopped calling, his daughter keeps hiding the lifts for his shoes, the gardener keeps the hedges at 5'4" so he can't see over them ... the injustice grows and grows. If all that weren't bad enough, now comes news that Tom is box office poison. This is particularly bad news for his new partnership in United Artists. Lions for Lambs was supposed to be the big blockbuster that put UA back on the map. Instead, it has received blistering reviews and opened to a dismal less-than $5 million this weekend.

Tom's co-stars, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, are said to despise him now and refuse to have anything to do with him. While in London, Tom kept trying to push himself into interviews. Bob said, ? No.? Tom wouldn? t listen." Now Redford and Streep have written him, and the movie, off as a loss.

Tom is said to be frantic about box office for Lions, and must be doubting his own judgment on the next movie, Valkyrie, to be released. Perhaps his star power won't be able to carry a Nazi feel-good movie after all. Wouldn't it be funny if Katie becomes the bigger box office draw? That would sure change things, wouldn't it?