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Pete Doherty, Lucky Devil: Out Of Jail, Charges Dropped ... And Back With Kate?!? 21.Aug.2007

Bony and the Stoner: Together again? Is there something about Pete Doherty we don't know? Like, how he can get arrested a bazillion times with drugs and not spend a day in jail? His latest case was thrown out when the cops waited longer than 24 hours to bring him before the judge, violating British legal protocol. Do the cops not know this? Or was it deliberate?

One has to wonder who Pete knows in British law enforcement. Surely they're not this lackadaisical with all their junkies, or London would be overrun with addicts. (I've never been there - is it? ) Maybe it's not who he knows but that he can just talk a good game. He's got some money to burn, too - sources say he earned 40,000 pounds spilling his guts about Kate to the tabloids.

Speaking of Kate, the UK Daily Mail is running an exclusive that Kate and Pete have been secretly reconciled, and are living it up at London's Claridge Hotel. The revelry was said to be so wild one night that hotel security had to break it up because they exceeded room capacity.

Is it true? Are the doomed lovers back in each other's arms? Has Kate completely lost her mind? Or is she truly in love with Pete, so much so that she's turned her back on family and friends? Her mom is said to be devastated by these latest events. No word from daughter Lila, who's back to staying with dad until the druggie gets kicked out again.