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Agassi Wide Open: The Mullet Was Not Real. The Meth Was 28.Oct.2009

Andre and SteffiI guess we know now why 1997 was such a bad year for Andre Agassi - he was "addicted" to crystal meth. He even weaseled his way out of a dirty drug test (he blamed it on his assistant/supplier, whom he then fired). He managed to clean up his act, and then married Brooke Shields.

To hear that someone who was such a superstar was really a drug-sniffing loser is really disheartening. Everybody loved Agassi. He was so flamboyant, such a dynamic player. He could bring the normally stuffy tennis crowd to their feet. He had huge endorsement deals. He was a Grand Slam champion.

In his new book, Open: An Autobiography, Andre talks about growing up with a terrifying father, and what it was like climbing the ranks to become a top seeded player. The meth revelation was bad enough. What's worse is that all that lovely hair that used to make the girls scream ... was nothing but a toupee. A glued-on f**king rug. Can you believe it? These days Agassi shaves his head and is happily married to women's Grand Slam champ Steffi Graf. I wonder what would make him come out with all this now. Maybe he's just another pro athlete who pissed all his money away.