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Hungry For Power, Maddox Takes Over Camp Jolie-pitt, Makes Family Walk Plank 20.Aug.2007

Maddox rules!Actually, they just had to walk around the house to the back door, but it's hard to fault Maddox for his sudden lunge for independence. He's tired of sharing the trail mix. He can't sit through another episode of Dora the Explorer ("Explorer? Hah! Walk a mile in my shoes!") and misses the days when he got carried, too. Maddox is sick of playing second fiddle to the others - he was here first! So he decided to take over. He should be in charge anyway.

On their way out to visit yet another museum, Mom and Dad let Maddox lag behind just long enough for him to slam the door and turn the deadbolt. Once his mission was accomplished, Maddox stood at the window giggling a particularly evil little giggle. .His loyal subjects

His parents exchanged glances, rolled their eyes and made their way around the hedges to the back door. "That's the third time this week," sighed an exasperated Mom. "Next time he goes first." Mad's parents seemed to be discouraged by this latest turn of events, but not his sister, Zahara. Next time she plans to get a handful of his mohawk on the way out, ensuring his full cooperation