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Oh Happy Day! Tom Cruise Has Finally Found A Steed To Meet His Stature. No Foot Stool Necessary. 12.Mar.2009

Behold the shaggy mareThe stable boys rejoiced. Every time they tried to help him mount a regular-sized horse he would always stick his ass in their face. Every time. Now they can kiss their salad-tossing days good-bye - forever.

Yes, she's still shaggy with her winter coat, and she could really use a bath, but she's perfect for Tom's equestrian needs. Better still, she's already perfected the robo-stare. Katie must have coached her. They may even have gone to the same hairdresser.

Suri fell in love with the pony at first sight, too - because they can see eye-to-eye without assistance. Unfortunately, pony can't help Suri rescue Mom because her knees would drag on the ground. Hell, if she wasn't so weakened by starvation she could pick her up and carry her around like a toy dog. These days, though, she has trouble picking up a spoon.