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God Save The Queen! Prince Harry Is Pure Royal Hotness 30.Dec.2008

Finger lickin' goodThat boy is succulent. I always did like a man with red hair. What that has to do with saving the Queen has escaped me, but an exclamation of some kind was definitely in order when I saw this picture.

Prince Harry is taking a tropical vacation with his cute little blond girlie Chelsy. There were lots of pictures of them together, and they look very happy together, but that's not what's important here. What's important here is that Prince Harry took a tropical vacation and ran around half naked between hits on the beer bong - and we get to gawk at his hotness. Now that's high living.

Recent media reports claimed that the royals would be cutting back on their expenses in light of the worldwide economic depression. From the looks of Harry's accommodations, I'd say either he didn't get the memo or he's going to start after the New Year.