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Joe Jackson's Heavy Hand Kept Michael Out Of Gangs? He Must Have Held Him Down By The Wallet 06.Sep.2010

Even now cannot escape his fatherWill somebody please muzzle Joe Jackson? His latest line of crap is that he had to beat his children to keep them out of gangs. Everyone knows he only beat them when they didn't make enough money for him. I think gang life would have been a welcome respite from life in Joe's house.

What's going on here is really tragic. Joe Jackson tormented the shit out of Michael his entire life. Adding insult to injury, he also had his hand out to him, demanding MIchael support him as he'd always done. It got so bad that Michael cut off all contact with his father, but it was no use, as Mama Katherine allowed Joe to manipulate her so he could still enjoy the lifestyle he has no right enjoying. That Joe Jackson was excluded from his son's estate was no accident or oversight, but Joe will be God-damned if anyone thinks he's gonna take that lying down. He thinks Michael would have been nothing without him, and he may be right, but at least Michael would have had a chance at a normal, happy life.

Normal and happy are two words never associated with growing up Jackson. Dear, sweet Katherine can make as many documentaries as she wants about the wholesome, nurturing upbringing her children received, but just look at them: Rampant plastic surgery (read: low self-esteem), chronic unemployment (read: if I can't be like Michael I ain't doin' nothin') and child exploitation issues (read: Paris, Michael and Blanket lunchboxes and underwear in Wal-Mart after Katherine's movie is released). Is it really any wonder things ended up the way they did, in light of Joe's malignant influence? No one in the family can seem to stand up to him; I hope for the kids' sake that the executors will step up and protect Michael's heirs before their grandfather destroys their lives, too.