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Robbie Williams Takes His Cat To The Club ... No, Wait, That's His Chest 12.May.2007

Robbie has a ruff Yes, sir, that's one hairy chest ... all hairy and chesty and manly and virile ... I don't know how body hair equates with machismo, but I found this picture to be a bit unsettling.

Are supposed to believe that only the front of Robbie's torso is hairy like that, and not the back? Does he have those big hairy knuckles, too? Having a guy like that around is like having a mangy cat - you'll never get all that hair out of the rugs and furniture.

Robbie appears to be a bit peeved in this picture. It could be that he's just frustrated because he's a huge success in the UK, but can't seem to get arrested in this country, even after a trip to rehab. These days Robbie regales his visitors with tales of his chain smoking expensive cigarettes and consuming massive amounts of caffeine.

Great. So now he's chesty, hairy, smokey and coffee-stained. My heart is truly a-flutter.