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The Devil Hates Gaga: Anna Wintour Has No Patience For Lady's Shenanigans 04.Sep.2010

No, sillies, that's NOT Anna in the pictureSay what you will about Anna Wintour, but there's a reason she's been at the helm of Vogue for a 30-some-odd years. Nobody knows style better, and nobody can see through a poseur faster than Anna.

Anna was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and talked about her encounter with the talented yet ridiculously overwrought Gaga at her annual Costume Institute Gala. She found Gaga backstage "praying to God to let her start the performance." Anna, famous for her inability to suffer a food, gladly or otherwise, gave Jimmy the ol' "BITCH, PLEASE" eye-roll as she told the story, too. Priceless. Who knows? Maybe Gaga's wackiness stems from her "occasional" cocaine use. Everybody knows that powder will make you crazy.

I think Lady Gaga should worry more about her music and less about her elaborate costumes and epic performance pieces. Already her songs are kinda sounding the same. People often compare Gaga to Madonna, but Madge would completely reinvent herself every couple of years, with all new looks and completely different music. I think Gaga is more smoke and mirrors; she would do well to take a few pages from Madge's playbook instead of trying to outdo her. It'll never happen. Shit, Madge's 14-year-old daughter Lourdes has more style in her little finger than Gaga has in her entire closet.