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Poor Greasy Bear! Cut Off From His Trust Fund And Disowned By Family And Friends Alike, Brandon Davis Settles For D-list 15.Jul.2007

What's dark, greasy and will work for booze? Actually, both Brandon and Kim fit that bill. This shot is from a party somewhere down in Florida that they were both paid to host - and of course they both drank for free all night.

My, how the tables have turned for our boy Greasy. It was only about a year ago that Brandon went on his infamous "Firecrotch" rant against Lindsay, saying that she was a broke piece of s**t, etc. Of course, that was before his grandmother spent around $80,000 on rehab for Brandon, only to have him hit the clubs harder than ever less than a week later.

Unlike his lifelong playmate, Paris Hilton, Greasy Bear is a nasty drunk, and has trashed many a club and house party when he loses control. As his substance abuse problem worsened, even the Hiltons shunned him, and now he can't even get people like Joe Francis to return his calls. If all that wasn't bad enough, Grandma Barbara has finally washed her hands of him, and has cut off all means of sustenance until he agrees to clean up his act. Not quite ready to concede defeat, Brandon is now forced to mooch a few bucks here and there to get his drink on, crashing on a rapidly dwindling selection of friends' couches. He'll be living over someone's garage some day soon.