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Fugileptics: Britney Spears Takes The Cake Once Again 28.May.2007

Here's Britney arriving at a posh restaurant for a spot of lunch and perhaps a cocktail or two. 3 pounds of Brit in a 1-pound bag

Does she have to wear a bathing suit every where she goes? She only wears a bra when her shirt is see-through (sometimes), but she do love that bikini. I hope that doesn't mean she's one of those girls who walks around in a wet suit all day - pew!

I see Brit's still rockin' those ratty extensions, too. I'm really missing those hats she used to wear. The scarves are even worse. At least with the hats you couldn't tell that she hadn't combed or washed it in a week or so. I guess now that she isn't speaking with her mom there's no one around to do these things for her.

Worst of all, however, is that dress. If the dress does not fit, then Brit will look like sh*t. It's that simple. That dress is about 3 sizes too small. Will someone please inform Ms. Spears that she hasn't worn that size for about 4 years?

One more thing - Britney, if you can't help but spill food down the front of your clothes, then either wear a bib or stop wearing white. No one wants to see you wearing today's specials.