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Can We Figure This Out For God's Sake? 29.Jun.2007

NicoleFirst I thought it was physically impossible but she was looking bigger. Then she stops drinking and ignoring reporters but flat out denies it. And now apparently she is buying baby booties (but she could probably wear these or give them to her dog). This is such a conundrum! I mean it isn't like Salma Hayek who you could tell was pregnant even if you were deaf and blind. But Nicole is really keeping us on our toes. Nicole has also been in the gossip columns alot lately because she doesn't know why she is famous (I can think of a few reasons) and that she has a regular job like everyone else. I am pretty sure her and Paris Hilton are taking some new drug (oh wait Paris doesn't do drugs) where they think that doing a reality show (that is actually very fake) makes them normal. Paris even called herself a business woman on Larry King which almost caused me to fall out of my chair.